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The Office Group

6.000 sqm of

Interior Architecture &
Office design

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We came up with the concept ‘New Romance’ to envision the interior of Kontorhaus, the inaugural co-working space for The Office Group, in Berlin. Inspired by the opulent and vibrant history of Friedrichstrasse as well as the gloominess of Berlin on winter days. Our aim was to inject warmth and light into the space to create an inspirational and unique working environment, one where you look forward to Monday.

Kontorhaus is the first entry into the German market for The Office Group, currently one of the most successful companies offering flexible workspace in the UK, with numerous locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt to follow.

The interior for Kontorhaus required the joining of two distinct buildings. As with Berlin and its many dualities, our design aimed to merge these diverse elements, to create a balance and dialogue between opposites. In Kontorhaus, old meets new, elegance meets industry, urbanity meets nature and luxury meets mindfulness.

Read the interview with Co-Founder Tobias Kohlhaas on the making of Kontorhaus


(Photos by Toby Mitchell ©)

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